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This is a photo of a woman sneaking beer into the country between 1921 and 1932.  Do any of you remember Senator Lewis's story

of sneaking liquor into the country then.  He had it all in his pants from waist to knees.  His mother met him at the boat when he

returned and as a joke, she whacked him across the butt with a fraternity paddle and broke most of the bottles.




Rambelle Luncheon, October 14



Once again the women gather for a quarterly lunch at Marcia Coltman Pass's home.



Marcia always sets a welcoming table.


Visiting before lunch.  Helen Z, Marguerite Gisburne Likes, Joan Rothaus O'Brien

and Cookie. 



Lois Feigenblatt Rubin, Helen Campbell Wiese and Barbara Felder.  Francine

came from California and Barb from Florida.



Cookie, Lois and Francine trying to figure out new phones.




Marvina Kastner and Marcia getting ready in the kitchen.



Helen Ziercher and Marguerite Likes.  Both live in St. Louis.



Joan O'Brien, Helen Wiese, Marcia and Francine Cohn



Marilyn Ham coffman and Marguerite






Lois, Barb and Helen Z


Joan and Barb Russell Harry



Cookie telling a story.




Betty Lee and Francine





Helen Ziercher's Special Reunion!



Judy Young Doty missed our 75th Birthday Reunion literally by inches.  She was in town and planned to attend when she

got word that her husband was ill and she had to return home to northern California just before the festivities began.  She

so regretted not being there.  Recently she returned to St. Louis for a short time to see family there and in Illinois and Helen Ziercher

took advantage of the trip to have a luncheon open house for any classmates who wanted to see Judy.  Here are some

photos of the September 30th get together!



Welcoming Judy are Bill Reisse and John Camie



Joan Rothaus O'Brien and Barbara Russell Harry



From the left:  Mike Freund, Bill Reisse, Marilyn Hardt Felter, Barb Harry, Joan O'Brien, Pat Peeper Klein, Judy Young Doty, Helen and John Camie


Joan, Barb, Helen, John and Bill



Judy, Mike, Marilyn and Pat


Judy, Joan and Helen










Bonnie Hirsch Hurwitz with son Andy, future daughter-in-law and

husband Howard at Rehearsal Dinner on October 14th.   They

all live in St. Louis area.



Natale Lentin Potchen and her two daughters, Kim and Cynthia Lieberman and

Kim's daughter Stephanie.  Natale, Kim and Stephanie live in Florida and

Cynthia lives in ST. Louis.




This is Ron Anderson and wife Paddy.  They live in Eagle's Nest, N.M. (not far from Taos).  Ron had been active in local

politics and now is the town librarian.  These photos are from their 50th wedding anniversary party.





While Rob Samuels waits for winter to get back into speed skating, he and wife Anne visited Rocky Mountain National Park and Fort Hayes, KS.






Paul Louys writes the following from St. Louis:


. We don't have any photos from far off exotic places due to my health problems dating back to May when I had a pacemaker put in that had to come back out before the end of June due to infection - very unusual!! The sad thing is we missed a wonderful weekend with our friend Garrison Keillor June 18 & 19th for his last Prairie Home Companion show in St Louis. So it's been a quiet summer for the Louys, however feeling much better now and looking forward to the fall. This photo is from a local restaurant in St Louis (before all this happened). Paul.








Kathy Schwartz, Mike's wife, sent this note and photos.


I am sending you some photos from a couple recent activities of your ol' classmates Mike, Tom Hector, and Bill Werber. Mike and I took the Hectors to a soccer game between Chelsea and Real Madrid that was played on July 30 at the University of Michigan football stadium in Ann Arbor MI. Mike and I had visited a Dartmouth classmate in March in London and Mike attended a Chelsea game there, so it was fun to go again only 45 minutes from home.

This past Sunday to Wednesday (Aug 21-24), the Werbers drove from the Chicago area and the Hectors and Schwartz' drove together to Traverse City MI. We had a great time staying in a lovely B&B, climbing the Sleeping Bear Dunes, visiting a couple vineyards, and eating too much MOOmers ice cream (a local TC ice cream with a national following).









Sandy Smith sent the following picture.  Sandy lives in Florida and Kathy has lived forever in Minnesota.


I recently visited my sister in the Twin Cities area and while there went to Stillwater to visit Kathy(Francis) Shoop. I saw her for tie first time in fifteen years and only the second time in over 50 years. We both lived in the area at the same time for 7 years, each being unaware that the other was there.




Check out Jim Brown's Blog and thoughts on graduation...





Photo of Jim and kids at son James wedding over in Alys Beach, Florida in April. Jim asks: “Do I have good looking kids or what? " The consensus is that the good looks come from the Mom.





Francine Friedman Cohn and husband Marc spend summers in Hood River, OR and just said "Safe journey" to their son Bart who lives in Hood River

and is embarking on a 4,000+ mile solo bike trip across the country from Astoria, OR to Newport News, VA.  His pack weighs 85 pounds.  He hopes

to average about 50 miles a day.  He will keep in touch by cell phone being charged with the solar panel on his bike!


Update:   After several thousand miles, Bart has gone off the trail to stop in St. Louis for a few days:



Although Jane Krauss Hibbetts has endured MS for many years, she is doing

well.  Here she is celebrating her birthday in April in Galveston, TX. She

is with her son's twin daughters and son.  Jane is the second youngest

person in the class; she turned 75.






Barbara Felder and her grandson Maverick.  She is visiting her

son Loren in New Mexico. Maverick is named for the waves at

Half Moon Bay in California!  Barbara lives in Florida.





Mike Freund and the "Chicago Branch" of his family and grandchildren took a 4 day Disney Cruise in April.

Mike lives in Clayton.









The two Lloyd Russells.  This is Lloyd in his yard and

read about his son in the article below. 


 Lloyd and wife Susan live in La Jolla, CA.



Click on this below:







Gary and Joan Taryle in Pouerto Vallarta in February.  They

live in Chesterfield.


Rob Samuels and wife Ann at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. They still live

in St. Louis.  Rob is thrilled that his grandson who lives near him has

taken up Rob's hobby as a speed skater.




Rob wrote about his son:

My son and his wife live in Shanghai, China. He is a comic art dealer and his wife is

Chief Risk Manager for East Asia Trading Co., a commodities brokerage with offices throughout China.








Sandy Smith Kilbride never sends great pictures of herself, but here she is and the second picture is of her two children who each have one daughter.

Sandy, a widow, lives in Margate, Florida.  She wrote the following:



I'm still teaching ESL part-time, mostly well-to-do, educated Venezuelans and Brazilians who can afford to get the hell out of their own countries. I had one student who, with is wife, flew back to Venezuela to vote. (They don't have absentee ballots for presidential elections.) It strengthens my conviction that even if you don't like any of the candidates, that's no excuse not vote. Vote for the one you hate the least.

I'm attaching a picture of me taken about 15 months ago and a picture taken a few weeks ago of both of my children and both of my granddaughters.

I also recently realized that my daughter has carried on the tradition of women born in the 20th century in my family of not having any babies until the are at least 30.

One more thing, After taking the piano I got in 1948 everywhere I lived until last year, after finding out I could buy a expensive new piano for what it would cost to bring the 1948 model up to snuff, and after going to the funeral of a dear friend who was 5 years younger than I, I bought a new electric piano about a year ago, and am having a blast with it.













Bonnie Hirsch Hurwitz and husband Howard spend the winter near Palm Springs, Ca.

Here they are at Bonnie's brother's home in L.A.  with their two granddaughters, Alexis

and Zoe during Spring Break.  All four live in the St. Louis area.




Barb Hatcher Boelling and husband Mack are retired in Port Townsend, WA and are

currently involved in developing a senior community nearby.






Francine Friedman Cohn, husband Marc, two sons and daughter-in-law.  Francine and

Marc spend the winter in La Quinta, Ca near Palm Springs.

Marlene Markert Quinn and husband Mike spent two weeks in Costa Rica in

February to get away from the cold of their Fenwick Island, Deleware home.







A fairly recent picture of Judy Young Doty and husband Dale.  They live in Los Altos,

California.  Judy had to leave  St. Louis just before the reunion as Dale was ill,

but all is fine now.




Cookie Kornblum Simon celebrating her 75th a few months ago. Cookie lives

in suburban St. Louis, has three sons and 6 grandchildren.


Cookie's 6 grandchildren.




This Marvina and Ken Kastner's Christmas family gathering.  Here are there names

but I can only figure out which ones are Ken and Marvina!


3 children- Ken Jr-Gregg-Alex
2 daughter in laws-Carolyn-Julie
1 son in law-Vincent
6 grandchildren-Brittany-Jeremy-Abigale-Aeja-Benjamin-Zachary
2 great grandchildren-Jaiden-Mariah




December, 2015 photo of Marilyn Hardt Felter, husband Dick, son Rich, daughter-

in-law Kim (Jack Julier's daughter), and grandsons.



Here is a picture of Nancy Roth Elam and her three daughters.  She lives

in Valencia, CA.  Two of her daughters live in California and one lives in St. Louis.


Nancy with her grandson Ryan.


Lois Feigenblatt Rubin sent this photo from her grandson Ari's Bar Mitzvah

in August.  She is second from right. 


Children: (Ladue grads) Sara, Joe, Bob
Wives: Rebecca and Leah
Grandchildren: Ari, Gabriel, Yonah, Avi, Hava
Husband: Milton






Linda and Jim Freund on the Great Wall in October, 2015. They

live in Beverly Hills, CA.






Sonny Nielson and wife Carol live in  Alexandria, VA.  Here is his description of this picture:


The occasion was Bobo Brooks' (one of our neighbors here in Alexandria) 89th Birthday dinner at a restaurant here in town. Bobo grew up in Norway but came to the US after an interesting escape from the Nazis to Sweden on skis. Her family owned one of the major Aquavit distilleries in Norway and she throws great parties.





Three pictures of Jean Leutwiler Brandenburger, husband Don, children and

grandchildren.  Jean and Don live in Hillsborough, CA and spend a lot of time

in Sun Valley.  Here they are celebrating their 50th anniversary in June. They

rafted down the middle fork of the Salmon River for 6 days.




With their five grandchildren


Jean and Don at a symohony concert in Sun Valley.







Cliff Bragdon and wife Sarah.

  Cliff said about these two photos:


Pic 1 is at the Disney Boat House where these amphicars go into the water for a wonderful 30 minute ride.

Pic 2 is at Hemingway's where we dined for our 50th. They were delighted to have us since Ernest Hemingway and Hadley was my great aunt and uncle. Aunt Hadley and Uncle Ernest are featured in this months Smithsonian Magazine (October). Ernest declares she was the only women/wife he truly loved and Hadley Richardson lived near us on Cabanne Way in St Louis when I was very young.




John and Amy Camie and sons, Justin and Christopher. 









I will let Tom Chused tell you about his photo!


Tom and Judy Chused (on the right) with their friends and neighbors, Debbie (who was born in St. Louis) and George Chaconas in front of the restaurant Cigale Égaré (Wild Cicada) in Quimper, Brittany, France in June, 2015). We go to France several times a year and unfortunately were there during the reunion. We have become very fond of the country and spend all our vacations there. We studied French for eight years, which makes being there even more fun. If only I had taken French instead of Spanish in high school...





Remember Marie Gruetzmacher (Meezie!)?  She and husband

are retired and living where they have been for many years,

Leawood, Kansas.  They have two children, one in Darien, Ct

and two in Leawood.  Two granddaughters in each city.








Marilyn Huntington Berkey and husband Brent with grandchildren Caden and Ashley

who are visiting Marilyn in Ridgway, CO.





Judy Hall Foote has moved from New Mexico to Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and

is still a real estate agent.  She moved to be near her son.




Ann Wasserman Solomon and husband Mike on a recent

trip to China.  They live in Highlands Ranch, CO.







Bill and Rosemary Reisse touring California.  Here in front of the Queen Mary in Long Beach.













Armond Inselberg


I will let Armond Inselberg who lives in Menlo Park, CA

tell you what he is doing.

Nothing really new for me other than playing more tennis, probably close to everyday. I have attached a photo. I am still teaching datacenter virtualization at the UCSC Extension. And my long time commitment to Vipassana meditation remains.

Of the things that have changed is the consulting firm, Venture Access, where I worked part-time closed when the CEO past away. And I am practicing a different martial arts then previously. I do not recall if I mentioned last time that I was taking lessons in Muay Thai. However, during a lesson I accidently hit the instructor in the face and it was downhill from there. He was insulted and there after restricted my activities. I figured that if he would get so bent out of shape for a little tap on the nose, he was not a good instructor, so we parted ways. I am now taking Xingyiquan, a form of internal Chinese martial arts. It is rather complex, but I have stayed with it since it really helps develop flexibility and balance.




Natale Lentin Potchen, husband Joe, two daughters, son-in-law and grandson

Connor holdling dog and granddaughter Stephanie.  Natale and Joe live

in Winterhaven, Florida.



Bill Pixley and wife Betty, their three sons and grandson earlier this year.


Bill and Betty with two sons and wives on Christmas.




Ken Flanery and wife Gene in Pittsburgh, their home. 





Jane Krauss Hibbitts with Helen Ziercher in the lobby of Helen's condo building.

Jane is a widow who lives part of the time in Assisted Living in Webster, Texas and

sometimes stays at a home she and her husband built in College Station, TX which

is completely outfitted for a handicapped person.  Jane was diagnosed with

Multiple Schlerosis in 1988.  She was in St. Louis for her sister Carol's 80th

birthday.  Jane has two daughters and a son.  She also has a sister you

might remember: Sue who lives in Memphis. Jane has three




Judy Morse Harrington and husband John with their two sons and daughter and family.

Grandson Jack who is 15 (behind Judy) has inherited her musical ability.  Judy and

John live in Long Island, N.Y.




Marcia Shaw Codling visited Marguerite Gisburne Likes in St. Louis in March.

They are with Carey Hager Woods, class of '59.  Marcia lives in

Loudenville, N.Y.


Here is Marcia with her granddaughters Megan and Kate and her daughter

Carolyn at the zoo.  Marcia said she loved showing her family where she

grew up.






Chris and Paul Joenk moved to Massachusetts from Arizona to be near

granddaughters, Ellie, 5, and Emmy, 7.




Pat Peeper Klein , husband Bill and all their grandchildren at their home in St. Louis.


Alcatraz photos taken by the  class pro photographer, Jim Freund,

and the story by "activist", Lloyd Russell, follows.  Notice Jim isn't

in any of the pictures.....

Did you know who they were? Did you think there were more

or fewer?


Planning the "prank".  "Dick, be sure and get paint that will wash off!"

"Yeah, right...."

Lloyd helping Jim Brown up.

Belaying themselves.

Doing it.

The lookout..Mike Schwartz

The descent

Washing up.

"What do you mean you didn't buy washable paint, Dick?!"

The roof today.

Click here to read the story of the Alcatraz prank.

(Adobe Acrobat reqd.)





 Susan Alberstein

Gene Baum    

   Kenny Bayer      

     Bill Brackman       

Bruce Britt      

       Nancy Brueggemann

  Sally Doerschlen

Mike Dunlop   

 Jonne Jean Eber

George Eron  

          Sharon Esses Spern  

                Beverly Feldman Kraus    

       Harriet Gomberg    

   Harvey Hyken    

Bill Jackson    

Grace Janson  

Jack Julier      

Ned Keiser     

       Gerald Leininger     

Bart Lieberman

Louise Marotta

Chip Maxwell  

  Claude McElwee

 Sharon McKee 

Bud Milner     

Ellen Morrical 

 Bob Morris     

Bart Notowitz 

      Dennis Oberman  

Jerry Pass     

Beth Rainford 

        Richard Rosenbaum

Sandra Rush  

    Carolyn Sherman

  Mark Silbergeld

Steve Slater   

Lucille Sloan

 Byron Sokolik

          Joan Speed Gilbert  

Joan Staley   

   Tom Taggart    

Donna Vouga 

Gary Welch   

       John Winkelmeyer 





If you have to "snail mail" a picture instead of e-mail it, send it to:

Francine Cohn

48-345 Paso Tiempo Lane

la Quinta, CA  92253-6200

Francine will mail the photo back to you!





They are not at large anymore, but it took so much work to put this headline

together, I can't bear to erase it......