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SEptember 11






John Camie, Steve Goldfarb, Stan Platts



John Gast , Jim Portmann, John Camie



Robert Pass, ken Kastner


Ken Kastner, Jerry Krug


Paul Ware, Helen Z ( A guest!), John Gast


Paul Louys, Mike Freund, Francine ( A guest!)

Part of the group.




RamBelle Luncheon June 14 at Bonnie Frederich Halls' home.



Barb Russell Harry.


Joan Rothaus O'Brien and Cookie Kornblum Simon.





Pat, Carolee Smith Todd, Lorna Meier Arbet, Marcia Pass

and Marvina McCowen Kastner


Marilyn Ham Coffman, Pat and Carolee


Joan, Barb and Marilyn.  Glad they are all still in St. Louis!



Marvina, one of our regulars.


Carolee and Marguerite. Carolee has moved back to St. Louis from Kentucky.


Helen Campbell Weise, Marilyn, Barb and Lornia



Our longtime hostess who brought the BEST dip to the luncheon,

Marcia Coltman Pass


Francine in St. Louis for the summer and Cookie.


The table.


Lorna, Helen and Bonnie



Helen Z and Helen with Marcia, Carolee and Marguerite


Surveying things at her excellent party, Bonnie and Carolee.






A Visit to Janice Quin (Ticky)!


Pat, Barb and Bonnie went to Webster Groves to spend

some time with Ticky in Assisted Living.










Judy Lefkowitz Malman "hiding out" in St. Louis. She lives

in Willlington, N.C. and came here to escape Dorian.  She has

a daughter and grandchildren and family here.


Tom Purdy and his wife Barbara with their four grandsons.  The Purdys live in

St. Peters just outside St. Louis.




Bill Pixley and wife Margret with two sons and their families.  All

live in Florida.


Jane Kraus Hibbitts and sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren (the girls are twins

celebrating their 10th). They are in Galveston Texas at a restaurant.  Jane also has

a daughter not in the picture.



Bill Pixley, wife Margaret, sons, their wives and grandson.  They live in Florida.


Great August weather finds Jim and Linda Freund and Deedy Oberman with

Mickey Meyers at the Hollywood Bowl. All are neighbors in California.




Retired and still living in St. Louis: Bob Lurie and Susan Graves who have been

together for 48 years.






Cliff Bragdon and wife Sarah in Cuba visiting the Ernest Hemingway

Estate.  Cliff's great-aunt was married to Hemingway. Cliff wrote:

Sarah and I posed with the 1922 “portable” Smith Corona that my Aunt Hadley Richardson Hemingway

gave to Ernest for his birthday in 1922. Most of his manuscripts, e.g. Sun Also Rises

were handwritten and my dad was asked to review it when he stayed in Paris in their apartment.

This typewriter is in his 5 story tower where he did some writing and composing,

but I learned it was not heavily used.





Convenience is living in a building with a restaurant on the first floor as Helen

Ziercher and Mike Freund do.  Here are Marc Cohn (Francine's husband), Helen, Sam

Bertolet who is with Helen, Lynn Hamilton who is with Mike Freund and Francine.




Ladies who lunch:


Marguerite, Barbara, Marvina, Francine



Ron and Jan Pass.

!Baltic Cruise on Seabourn to Copenhagen, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm to celebrate Ron’s 79th!






Frank Adam and wife Helen and granddaughters.

The Adams live off McKnight Road in St. Louis,

of course.

Mike Schwartz and Tom Hector visiting Bill and Patty Werber at their home

in Huntley, IL.  Mike and Tom made the trip to see Bill who is "under the

weather" at the moment in July, 2019.



Barbara Felder, her daughter Monica, and twin grandchildren.  They all

live in Florida.  Barbara has a son in California and one in New Mexico.



Marguerite Gisburne Likes and Marcia Shaw Codling last

winter getting ready to take the train to Kansas City from

the Kirkwood Station to attend the American Royal Horse

Show.  Marcia lives in Loudenville, NY and was visiting






Sonny and Carol Nielson who live in Alexandria, VA visiting their son Stephen and granddaughters

in New York.  Here they are at a Zen Garden at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.



Barb Hatcher Boelling's Excellent Adventure...


Barbara Hatcher Boelling and husband Mack visiting Portland, OR to

be with their kids to celebrate Mack's 83rd.  They live in Port Townsend, WA.

She and Mack sold their home and moved to a "Condo Commune" for over

55s. They have to prepare at least one meal a month.  She will tell us about it,

but here is what it says online:

Quimper Village is a new 55+ senior cohousing community in the coastal town of Port Townsend, Washington. It is comprised of 28 homes and a Common House where meals are shared and community events are held, along with housing 3 guest rooms. Other amenities include a workshop, an artist studio and a community garden. The pathways that connect the homes facilitate interaction with neighbors in this tobacco-free community, and homeowners are involved in all aspects of the management of the community and in performing the tasks necessary for maintaining the village.

Here is what Barb says:


We, along with 40 or so other people, conceived, designed and constructed a Senior Co-housing Community, Quimper Village. We are one of 28 households (individual private homes). We have a Common House with a kitchen, guest rooms and dining room where we share 3 meals a week, social and cultural events (parties). 

Together, with the other members, we do the maintenance work required of the Village, just as we did with our previous homes.  We have a cool website <quimpervillage.com> ….. check it out.





Judy Morse Harrington, husband John, daughter Christie.

Judy and John live in Long Island, New York and will be moving

to a senior community in Boston, a city they have always loved.

Judy and John have been married for 60 years!



Judy Morse Harrington and husband John

exercising on her 79th in February.


Not great, but Sandy Smith Kilbride experimenting

(better than a lot of us) with a photo from her

computer.  She lives in Florida.


Here are Lloyd and Susie Russell who live in La Jolla in

a photo booth group of shots at a music venue!





Marilyn Hamm Coffman and husband Chuck and children, grandchildren and greats.

Marilyn and Chuck live in suburban St. Louis; he is a retired Ladue policeman.







Judy Young Doty writes:

"My husband passed away at the end of 2018 so my days of awesome trips are over; still do some travel with girlfriends which I love.

I am busy teaching third and fourth graders at our local museum this April and May (Judy lives in Los Altos, northern CA).  Also

tryiing to get in a bit of golf and pickleball, but currently ave a tricky hip!"

Judy and her 10 year old grandniece.





Joan and Gary Taryle vacationing at Marco Island, Florida with Sharon

Strauss Birenbaum and husband Kenny. Sharon was a later Ladue grad.






Lois Feigenblatt Rubin's family in Los Angeles a while ago for her grandson's Bar Mitzvah.

Husband Milt on the left end.  The Rubins live in Olivette.  All three of their children

graduated from Ladue and do not live in St. Louis.



Tom and Michaela (Mike) Hector celebrating 2019 with family in Mexico.

They live in Michigan.  The next photo is Tom, son Adam and son-in-law

Jeremy and three grandsons.








Mike and Kathy Schwartz came to St. Louis to visit a friend of his parents.

They had lunch with Helen Z and Sam.


The Traveling Handelmans!


Howard and Alice in Cuba



Thanksgiving with family and friends in Frisco, CO.







Marcia Shaw Codling, daughter Carolyn at granddaughter's wedding.  Marcia lives

in Loudenville, New York.



Susie Crego Dougherty and husband George travel between two homes depending

on the weather.  They live in Michigan summers and Cape Coral, Florida winters.


A holiday luncheon get together:  Carolee Smith Todd,

Jim Portmann and Lorna  Meier Arbet.  Carolee

moved back to St. Louis a year ago from Kentucky.

Did you know Lorna and Jim were cousins?


Marilyn Hardt Felter, husband Dick, grandsons and son Rich  with his wife Kim.

One grandson graduated from Westminster and one is attending.  They chose to 

go to their other grandfather's alma mater; Kim is Jack Julier's daughter and  Jack

graduated from Westminster.


Cookie Kornblum Simon, her three sons and their families celebrated Thanksgiving in the Dominican Republic.

Cookie( 4th from the left) lives in St. Louis right near the heart of Clayton.



Jean Leutwiler Brandenburger traveling from home in Hillsborough, CA.
Jean is climbing Machu Picchu, in Peru. It is a very steep four hour climb, but fun to look

down on the citadel from the path (says Jean!). Harder to climb down on  the

narrow paths than go up.




Natale Lentin Lieberman and her grandson Connor

Nunnally.  He is visiting Natale in his home town of

Winter Haven, Florida for a Paint Ball National Championship.

Natale has lived there for many years; Connor lives in






Marlene Markert Quinn and husband Mike near their home in Fenwick Island, Delaware

at their grandson's wedding.



Marlene holding her first great-grandchild, her granddaughter's son!




Bob Close and wife Nina.  See what he wrote below!



I am retired after 46 years of service as a liberal Presbyterian Minister and Jungian influenced therapist. I still do some preaching, and counseling, and Nina and I serve on the President's Round
R Table for my seminary. Still enjoy playing golf.  A grandfather. I am amazed to have been able to live the life that I have lived. These days, like many of you, Nina and I look for ways to give back, to encourage and support others.

I think of every breath as a gift of new life;  every moment a sacred moment. 
This quote from one of my favorite teachers has greatly influenced me.

“Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” 
― Abraham Joshua Heschel





Tom and Judy Chused live in Washington, D.C. near their

daughter and three grandchildren. They spend part of the

year in France every year and will leave for there on

October 3.






Marvina and Ken Kastner, their two sons, daughter and their spouses.

Marvina and Ken live in Ballwin (suburban St. Louis).







Marcia and Robert in late June at an anniversary party for

friends.  They have lived in the same house in St. Louis

County since 1971 and it is our class headquarters!







Judy Lefkowitz Malman visiting her daughter's family for grandson Charlie's

graduation from Parkway Central in St. Louis County.  Judy lives in N.C.





Barbara Felder in May visiting her sister Madeline in Seattle.  Long trip from Florida

where Barbara lives.



Karen Hanke Weeks and husband Kent live in Nashville. She writes:

 " This picture was taken in early May between games at the state Ultimate Frisbee

tournament on the banks of the Cumberland River in Nashville.

Fifteen- year- old  granddaughter Sydney Neal pictured here is the youngest of our six grandchildren,

most of whom are enthusiastic Frisbee players. Our oldest grandchild is in Med School at Emory University

in Atlanta.  Best wishes to all of you.  Karen"






Jim Brown's new hobby. He says, "Watch out Picasso!"








Jim Brown and wife Gladys welcoming the Mardi Gras season at a Ball in their

town: Baton Rouge, LA.  Jim is definitely planning to attend the reunion in June!




Rob Samuels and wife Ann at Mt. Rushmore








Paul Joenk and wife Christine left Arizona some years ago to be near grandchildren and get away

from the heat.  They live in East Longmeadow, MA.





Bill Reisse and wife Rosemary left St. Louis and moved to Venice, FL about

a year ago. They came back to visit in October; here with Marvina and

Ken Kastner.










Sylvan Goldberg who MAY come to our reunion.  He and wife

Kathy live in El Cerrito, California and they have also keep

a home where Sylvan first lived after graduate school at

W.U. in Aurora, Ohio.  Here he is with "Orange Peel"!





Marilyn Huntington Berkey with Betty Lee Hubb Fyan.  Marilyn

and husband were on their way from Colorado to Seattle and

stopped in Portland, OR to see Betty Lee.  They have

been friends since high school.


Marilyn, husband Brent and Marilyn's brother Richard, a Ladue '62 grad.



















Ken Flanery and wife Genevieve (Gene) who live in Pittsburgh, PA vacationing

at Cape May, N.J.













Marilyn Butler War and Paul Ware.  Christmas. Remember these

are classmates who spent forever at Ladue and grade schools too

and didn't meet until after graduation!  How could that be?!

They live in St. Louis.





















Remember Marie Gruetzmacher (Meezie!)?  She and husband

are retired and living where they have been for many years,

Leawood, Kansas.  They have two children, one in Darien, Ct

and two in Leawood.  Two granddaughters in each city.




Judy Hall Foote has moved from New Mexico to Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and

is still a real estate agent.  She moved to be near her son.








Alcatraz photos taken by the  class pro photographer, Jim Freund,

and the story by "activist", Lloyd Russell, follows.  Notice Jim isn't

in any of the pictures.....

Did you know who they were? Did you think there were more

or fewer?


Planning the "prank".  "Dick, be sure and get paint that will wash off!"

"Yeah, right...."

Lloyd helping Jim Brown up.

Belaying themselves.

Doing it.

The lookout..Mike Schwartz

The descent

Washing up.

"What do you mean you didn't buy washable paint, Dick?!"

The roof today.

Click here to read the story of the Alcatraz prank.

(Adobe Acrobat reqd.)





 Susan Alberstein

Gene Baum    

   Kenny Bayer      

     Bill Brackman       

Bruce Britt      

       Nancy Brueggemann

             Nancy Davidson Shestak

            (Charles) Kemper Deicke

  Sally Doerschlen

Mike Dunlop   

 Jonne Jean Eber

George Eron  

          Sharon Esses Spern  

                Beverly Feldman Kraus   

Larry  Fine    

                  Harriet Gomberg Barenfeld  

Jay Handelman

         Bonnie Hirsch Hurwitz

   Harvey Hyken    

Bill Jackson    

              Betty Jaeger Portmann   

Grace Janson  

Jack Julier      

Ned Keiser     

       Gerald Leininger     

Bart Lieberman

Louise Marotta

Chip Maxwell  

  Claude McElwee

 Sharon McKee 

Bud Milner     

Ellen Morrical 

 Bob Morris     

Bart Notowitz 

      Dennis Oberman  

Jerry Pass     

   Dennis Pruitt    

Beth Rainford 

        Richard Rosenbaum

              Nancy Roth Fiedler-Elam 

           Sandra Rush Oberman  

    Thomas Sawyer   

    Carolyn Sherman 

  Mark Silbergeld

Steve Slater   

Lucille Sloan 

 Byron Sokolik

          Joan Speed Gilbert  

Joan Staley   

   Tom Taggart    

Donna Vouga 

Bill Werber   

Gary Welch   

       John Winkelmeyer 






If you have to "snail mail" a picture instead of e-mail it, send it to:

Francine Cohn

48-345 Paso Tiempo Lane

la Quinta, CA  92253-6200

Francine will mail the photo back to you!






They are not at large anymore, but it took so much work to put this headline

together, I can't bear to erase it......